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Paul H. Millewich: Case Successes


Mr. Millewich successfully assisted a client file Bankruptcy even though her income normally would have prevented her from discharging her debts in bankruptcy. In this case, her low monthly mortgage payments and her higher income would have resulted in a presumption of abuse and the client not completing her bankruptcy. Mr. Millewich and the Bankruptcy team at Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices recommended that the client take a specific course of action that changed the Means-Test and qualify the client for Bankruptcy. Now the client is on her way to having OVER $118,000.00 IN GENERAL UNSECURED DEBTS COMPLETELY DISCHARGED.

Due to client's income being above the Illinois median and her low monthly mortgage payments, her Means-Test Calculation showed a presumption of abuse. After consulting with the Firm's three bankruptcy attorneys Mr. Millewich recommended that the client purchase a "clunker" car that changed the Means-Test Calculation from a presumption of abuse to the presumption of no abuse. Client had over $118,000.00 in general unsecured debts completely discharged.

Credit Card Company threatened to oppose discharge due to client making almost $4,000.00 in purchases during the three months before filing for bankruptcy. Mr. Millewich negotiated with the attorney for the credit card company to drop their opposition and let the bankruptcy move forward.

After passage of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 Mr. Millewich was the manager of Mevorah & Giglio Law Offices team of attorneys and paralegal that got virtually all of our client's Petitions filed before the Act became effective saving each client time and money from taking classes both before and after their petitions are filed.

Criminal / Traffic

A client of Mr. Millewich was ticketed for driving with a suspended license (Class A Misdemeanor) and driving with no insurance. She faced not only criminal penalties for the new offenses, but her driving abstract showed the client had been on court supervision for an earlier occurrence of driving with no insurance meaning she faced penalties under the supervision case as well. Using his extensive experience and litigation skill, Mr. Millewich negotiated with the State's Attorney's office and was successful in having all charges completely dismissed. The client now has a newly obtained driver's license and insurance and avoided convictions on both cases.

Client, charged with three Class X felonies (punishable by six to thirty (6-30) years in jail each) for shaking his infant son. Being defended by the public defender, he had been held in jail for a year and a half without disposition. Mr. Millewich took over the case for the client and very quickly negotiated a plea agreement dismissing two of the three counts, lowering the remaining felony to a Class 3 and a sentence of only 3 years in jail despite facing up to 90 years in prison.

After her divorce, client and her young son moved in with a convicted sex offender. Her former husband (son's father), urged by his new wife who had no children, filed a petition to transfer custody away from our client. After a three week trial before Judge Demling in DuPage County, Mr. Millewich kept custody with his client-although the sex offender had to leave.

Personal Injury

Settlement for Minor Girl When Waitress Spilled Hot Liquid on Her Bare Arm Even Though the Restaurant Went Into Bankruptcy

After our Firm made the claim on the restaurant’s insurer, the restaurant filed for bankruptcy in a state other than Illinois. The Bankruptcy Court was ready to give no compensation to the injured girl. Mr. Millewich, using his bankruptcy law experience, convinced the bankruptcy trustee to return the claim to the insurer. Mr. Millewich eventually recovered $25,000.00 in damages. Paul’s wealth of experience and zealous advocacy for this client made the difference for this young girl, and was the reason she received any money at all.

Settlement Prior to Filing Lawsuit of 50-Year-Old Woman Who Slipped and Fell on Water on Floor

Client was shopping in her favorite European grocery store in DuPage County when she slipped on water from a floor cleaning machine that left some water in the grout area of the tile floor. After trying conservative treatments like physical therapy and cortisone injections the client was required to undergo arthroscopic surgery to repair a partially torn rotator cuff. Mr. Millewich was able to obtain an $80,000.00 settlement prior to filing suit. He was also successful in reducing the amount of money the client had to reimburse her health insurer. Every penny of the reduction went directly into the pocket of the client.

Settlement Shortly After Filing Suit for 60-Year-Old Woman Who Slipped on Tomato Dropped by Earlier Customer Checking Out at Store

Client was shopping with her disabled adult daughter at major wholesale store. As she was approaching the checkout she slipped and fell on a tomato that had been dropped by another customer who had preceded the client through the checkout counter. The client underwent invasive surgery for a torn rotator cuff. Mr. Millewich settled the case in DuPage County well before trial for $ 70,000.00.

Salesman for fire protection equipment herniated his disk while moving merchandise from his car resulting in surgery. Settled for $59,887.12.The same client moved on to a new sales position. He then sustained an injury to his hip while removing a safety hazard at a customer’s facility. After physical therapy was not successful, the client underwent a left hip arthroscopy with femoral neck osteoplasty. The worker’s compensation insurance carrier initially denied the claim because their doctor, after his examination of the client, stated the injury was not related to the client’s job. The insurance adjustor was then convinced to have a second doctor examine the client, this time finding that the injury was job related. Mr. Millewich did not take no for an answer and fought for his client to get the money he deserved.

Both client and other driver testified that they were the one with the green light for an intersection t-bone motor vehicle collision. Damage to the vehicles confirmed that the front of our client's vehicle struck the side of the other vehicle. By being prepared for trial we were able to secure a settlement from the other driver's "minimum limits" insurer and then proceed against the client's under-insured motorist policy. The combined settlement from the two insurers totaled just under $70,000.00.

Obtains Settlement for Pedestrian Struck by Motor Vehicle After Two Previous Attorneys Refused to Pursue the Boy's Case

Mr. Millewich's client's previous attorneys refused to pursue a young boy's case because the boy walked into the street at night wearing dark clothes and the driver's insurance company refused to offer anything. Mr. Millewich filed suit in DuPage County, known for its tough juries, and recovered $35,000.00 for the teenager who lost some teeth.

Elicited Deposition Restimony from Property Manager and Board President Resulting in Immediate Settlement for Bulgarian Airplane Cleaner Who Fractured Her Knee When She Fell on Ice on Sidewalk

O'Hare airplane cleaner could not continue working due to a fractured knee she sustained when she fell on ice walking home from work. Mr. Millewich got the town home association property manager and board president to admit at their depositions that the town homes had a problem with snow melting off the roofs and running down the driveways onto the sidewalk. The town homes insurer immediately settled for $100,000.

Slip and Fall On Black Ice Leaving Her Boyfriend's Condominium

Mr. Millewich's client landed on her back when she slipped on black ice that had formed on the walkway exiting her boyfriend's condominium. Mr. Millewich's investigation located documents that showed the condominium association was in the process of replacing faulty gutters but had not yet done the specific building. Mr. Millewich filed suit and obtained a settlement of $170,000.00.

Products Liability And Retailer Negligence Resulting In Client/Customer Lacerating Tendon In Wrist When Looking At Drinking Glass Display

Mr. Millewich's client was shopping for drinking glasses at a major Chicago retailer when the glass she was holding broke lacerating a tendon in her wrist requiring surgery. Both the retailer and glass supplier contributed toward a settlement of $75,000.00.

Major Illinois Auto Insurer Refers Policy Holder to Mr. Millewich Resulting in Large Settlement

A dominant Illinois automobile insurer's agent referred their insured to Mr. Millewich when the insured reported a motor vehicle collision. Mr. Millewich obtained a settlement of $115,000.00 for the agent's insured.

Workers' Compensation

Salesman for fire protection equipment herniated disk while moving merchandise from his car resulting in surgery. Settled for $59,887.12

Mosquito control worker on job for less than a week injures back while lifting motor. Client decided against surgery. Settled for $31,000.00

Nurse at mental health facility aggravated back condition while restraining patient. Award after hearing of $25,020.50

Book binder developed bi-lateral Carpel Tunnel Syndrome from repetitive use of wrists on assembly line; surgery on both wrists. Settled for $20,000.00

School bus driver developed bi-lateral Carpel Tunnel Syndrome from repetitive use of arms while driving school bus; No surgery and returned to job. Settled for $9,707.19

Construction worker crushed tips of fingers in two separate incidents; one on dominant hand and one on the other. Combined settlement of $10000

Medical Malpractice Defense

Successfully Protects Uninsured Dentist from Malpractice Lawsuit

Successful Illinois dentist was sued for malpractice for dental work a contract dentist performed at client’s dental facility. Two additional dentists were sued in Cook County. The dentist had insurance for his own dental work but not for dental work done at his facility by other dentists. Mr. Millewich was able to protect and defend the dentist and settle the case for a minimal four-figure amount early in the litigation thus saving the dentist valuable time and money in this prolonged litigation in Cook County.

Family Law

Custody of Twin Boys Awarded to Client Even Though DNA Tests Confirmed He Was Not the Natural Father

Client retained Mr. Millewich to legally establish paternity of twin six-year-old boys who had been living with his client since birth. The Mother left after three years and married another man. When a subsequent DNA test was performed it showed that the client was not the Father but that the Mother’s current Husband was indeed the Father of the twins. Despite the DNA test results Mr. Millewich was successful in establishing joint custody for his client despite not being the biological father. Mr. Millewich recognized the client’s commitment to these boys, and used the law to protect his client’s relationship with these twin six-year-old boys that he has cared for since birth. Because of Mr. Millewich’s efforts, this client will continue to be a father to these boys.

Sole Custody of Two Young Children With Dad After Mother’s Drug Convictions

Father of two young children sought to protect the children from mother who due to drug addiction was coming in and out of the children’s lives. Mr. Millewich employed a three-step process to protect the children and his client from the abusing mother. He first secured an order establishing that his client was the father of the two children. Second, he obtained custody for the Father and established him as the residential parent. Finally, he has advised the Father on steps to take to make sure any visitation with the Mother is regular and the children are protected.

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